Erguvanlı Ev - Kazdağlarında küçük otel - A Flavorful Escape in the Kaz Mountains

A Flavorful Escape in the Kaz Mountains

A Flavorful Escape in the Kaz Mountains

Tranquility and Flavor Amidst Nature's Embrace! Nestled in the mystical atmosphere of the Kaz Mountains, Erguvanlı Ev offers a holiday experience brimming with local flavors.

Erguvanlı Ev is a small hotel nestled in the mystical atmosphere of the Kaz Mountains, offering guests rich breakfasts and special meals consisting of local flavors on terraces overlooking the valley. Here, we provide a unique experience for those seeking a tranquil holiday amidst nature's serene ambiance.

In our culinary philosophy, we prioritize sustainability and the use of local resources. We source necessities like milk, cheese, and eggs from nearby small-scale producers. For both breakfast and dinner, we emphasize regional flavors and diversity, utilizing the freshest and finest ingredients the area has to offer. We serve our meals, tailored to our guests' preferences, either in the warm ambiance of our dining room or amidst nature on our grass terraces.

Our breakfasts boast homemade jams, traditional pastries, flavorful olives and olive oils, delicious cheeses, and fresh village eggs, among many options. We procure our bread from the renowned stone oven in Küçükkuyu and present our teas in traditional teapots.

For dinner, our carefully curated menus feature soups, three varieties of appetizers, delightful salads, and main courses such as meat or fish. Each dish aims to showcase the unique flavors of the Kaz Mountains to our guests.

Erguvanlı Ev is not just a hotel but a destination where unforgettable memories are made. Here, a holiday filled with tranquility and gastronomic delights awaits you amidst nature's soothing atmosphere.

Erguvanlı Ev

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