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What Can You Do?

What Can You Do?

While staying at Erguvanlı Ev, you will not only be surrounded by nature but also have the opportunity to participate in various activities.

Hiking Trails:

Erguvanlı Ev hosts magnificent natural areas around it. Hiking trails starting from the village and using forest paths can extend up to the peaks of Mount Ida. Especially the 14 km hiking route that passes through Küçük Çetmi Village and returns to Yeşilyurt is perfect for experiencing nature. Another route is a 2 km path from above the village to the Çanakkale road, or a 1.5 km forest path from across the hotel to the Highways Recreation Facilities (Touristic).

Swimming and Enjoying the Sea:

Starting from Küçükkuyu, just 3 km away from Erguvanlı Ev, the 22 km coastline extending to Assos offers one of Turkey's most beautiful shores. Along this coast, you can access clear beaches and enjoy the sea. Olive-covered mountains form a magnificent backdrop behind the beaches.

Visiting Thermal Springs:

The region of Mount Ida is also known for its famous thermal springs. Güre town, located 32 km away from our village, offers a unique experience with its thermal waters known for health and relaxation.

Organized Tours to Mount Ida:

Guided tours to Mount Ida are organized in the region. You can join these tours with up-to-date information available from our hotel and embark on a guided journey to explore the region's beauties.

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