Places you can visit

When you stretch your hand, you feel that you can touch the sky

Yeşilyurt Village is 70 kilometres away from Truva, and 120 kilometres away from Bergama which are prominent historical places. Distance to Zeus Altar and Adatepe Village with its historic fabric is 8 kilometres.

Assos Ruins, Asos Village (Behramkale), and the harbour with a distance of 22 kilometres are also among the places that can be visited. Küçükkuyu, which is 3 kilometres away from the village, is a quiet shore town with its harbour coffeehouses and fish restaurants. Altınoluk Village, historic fabrich of which is still preserved, is one of the places worth seeing. Ethnography Museum in Tahtakuşlar Village and Olive oil Museum in Küçükkuyu offer substantial information regarding the historical and cultural features of the region.

Waterfalls on the shoulders of Kaz Mountains are also worth seeing. In August, it is possible to climb up to the top of Kaz Mountain and attend Sarı Kız Festival with Turkmen villagers.


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