What can you do?

While staying at Erguvanlı Ev, you can take nature walks, visit historical and cultural places or take advantage of the sea.

Swimming, Sea

The shore with the lenght of 22 kilometres starting from Küçükkuyu, which is 3 kilometres away from our village, and lying till Assos is one of the most beautiful shorelines of Turkey. You can swim at nearly any point of the shore. At the back of the clear beaches, there lie mountains tick with olive trees. 

Nature Walks

It is possible to hike starting from our village and using forest roads. One of the routes starts from the village, approaches to the top of Kaz Mountains, stops by Çetmi Village and turns back to Yeşilyurt (14 kilometres). The second route is two kilometres, heading to Çanakkale Road by the upper part of the village; the third one is the forest road of 1.5 kilmetres starting from the slope on the opposite of the hotel and heading to (touristic) Karayolları Way Station. 

Hot Spring Visits

Kaz Mountains area is also known with its hot springs. Güre town which hosts prominent hot springs is 32 kilometres away from our village. 

Organised Kaz Mountains Tours

Kaz Mountains tours with guides are also organised in our region. You can get more information from our hotel.

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