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Places to See

Places to See

You feel like you can touch the sky by simply reaching out.

Yeşilyurt Village is located 70 km from important historical centers such as Troy and 120 km from Bergama. The Zeus Altar, located 8 km away, along with the historical texture of Adatepe Village, and the Assos Ruins and Village (Behramkale) with its port, situated 22 km away, are among other noteworthy centers to visit. Additionally, Küçükkuyu, located 3 km away, is a tranquil coastal town known for its harbor cafes and fish restaurants.

The historically preserved Altınoluk Village is also worth visiting. The Ethnography Museum in Tahtakuşlar Village and the Olive Oil Museum in Küçükkuyu provide valuable information about the region's history and culture. Moreover, the waterfalls on the slopes of Mount Ida are also worth seeing.

In August, it is possible to journey to the summit of Mount Ida with Turkmen villagers and participate in the Sarı Kız Festivals.

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