Yeşilyurt Village, located in the south of Çanakkale, was founded at the foot of Mount Kaz, which is frequently mentioned in Greek mythology. According to mythology, Aphrodite, Hera and Athena's first beauty contest took place in Mount Ida, in other words, Kaz Mountains.

It is estimated that Yeşilyurt Village, the old name of which is Büyük Çetmi, dates back to 700 years ago. The village where Rums and Turks cohabited for over centuries offers an Aegean/Mediterranean atmosphere with its stone houses, cobblestone pavements, wide village square, historical mosque and its surrounding olive grove, pinewoods, cypresses in its graveyard, and various kinds of fruit trees. 2.5 kilometres away from the sea and 500 meters away from Çanakkale road, the village is one of the rare areas where you can feel the air of both mountains and the sea.

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